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The Rainbow Society is a group of people within our community who are dedicated to supporting safe spaces for our community.

working to support the cis, trans and non-binary community to create and maintain safe spaces

The Rainbow Society is a membership scheme of cis & trans LBQ women and non-binary people who have a close connection or involvement within the cis & trans LBQ community who are committed to a stronger, safer, diverse and friendly community.

*launching in 2018*

Why is a Rainbow Society needed?

In a world where we are being pulled apart, and our rights are in constant flux; it is important to be able to come together and support each other. As a community, we are very diverse and it saddens me to see the division within our community. We are stronger together. It is important to acknowledge, and celebrate our differences. So the Rainbow Society is an ethos, a mantra, a network of cis & trans LBQ women and non-binary people who are closely affiliated and linked to the women’s community who all pledge to be supportive, positive and an ally to those in the community that identify differently to yourself. A group of women and non-binary people who are open to a safe and positive space, where you can be yourself and also support others.