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Extravaganza 2018

The 2018 extravaganza is taking place on Sunday 11 March 2018 from 1pm-2am at The Bedford, 77 Bedford Hill, London SW12 9HD

1 venue, 6 rooms, over 20 activities from over 40 talented cis & trans LBQ women and non-binary people in our community.

#IWDextravaganza #RainbowSociety

Find out more about all the activities here:

Red Activity Room • Orange Entertainment Room  Yellow Social Room • Green Workshop Room • Blue Bar • Purple Theatre • Club Rooms

Who is involved in the event? Click the link to find out more about all those involved, including their web and social links.

We’ve also created some experience tickets that get you into a number of activities. There is the drag experience, the solo social experience and limited access all area tickets. Full details on the Eventbrite.

For one day, come along to our community space. A showcase of the talent and diversity of our community. Access from free – build your perfect day. Try something new, find out what our community in London has to offer, perhaps even meet new people outside of your current social circles. This event is designed to bring us all together under one roof. While you are there, why not give feedback on what such a space could offer to the community if it was permanently available?

6 rooms of entertainment showcasing our community

The earlier you sign up – the less you pay! We reward you for your early commitment to this fabulous extravaganza!

  • EARLY BIRD TICKETS: 1 January – 31 January 2018 **
  • STANDARD TICKETS: 1 February* – 18 February 2018 **
  • LATE TICKETS: 19 February* – 9 March 2018 **

* or sooner if the previous level of tickets sell out earlier         ** or until they sell out, whichever happens first

For the full line up for each activity and details of who is involved, please visit the website: www.rainbowsociety.co.uk

Activity details and those involved will be announced throughout January and February.

What to expect?

  • 1pm-6pm
    Family Friendly, roast dinners, information and market stalls, theatre and workshops plus live music
  • 6pm-10pm
    Cabaret, dancing, theatre, dating, wine tasting activities
  • 10pm-2am
    DJs mixing tunes upstairs, and chilled bar downstairs

Who is this event aimed at?

This event is designed to bring together the cis & trans LBQ community and non-binary people who are in London. It is showcasing the talent available and giving everyone a chance to make new friends, experience new things and socialise in a safe space. Any women and non-binary people who want to meet each other, support a safe space and enjoy great activities are encouraged to participate in this day.

Why is there so much on?

The venue is designed to show what a social space could offer, that it is possible to provide diversity (although obviously ideally across the whole year and not 13 hours!). We acknowledge that the community we are reaching is diverse and not everything is for everyone, but that also for many of this community, they perhaps do not know the full extent of what is available. We don’t expect everyone to experience everything, but to dip in and out of what interests or intrigues them.

Why do you charge per event and not a fixed fee?

There is a fee to hire the venue to cover, and we are also ensuring that all those providing their skills and experience are receiving a small payment as we believe in supporting the community. Because different activities have different capacities, and also have different audiences, by providing small fees for individual activities you can choose what you want to go to. If we were to do a fixed fee, to ensure that costs were covered an individual ticket would be upwards of £25; and would be limited to 900 tickets. In addition, you could purchase this ticket and then the activity you wanted to attend may be full when you get there. By charging individually we will ensure that if you buy an activity ticket you will definitely get in.

Why support this event?

I frequently hear from women about how they wish there was a community space. International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to see what that space could offer. It is a bit of a trial to see whether women will come and support; a chance to engage those women to see what they would like from such a space. It is a chance to showcase all of the talented cis and trans LBQ women in our community. So we’re hiring a huge London venue, with 6 performance spaces including a ground floor bar, round performance space, ballroom, workshop room and even a theatre. The total capacity is 900 and the event will run between 12pm and 2am. We plan to offer a chance to try out or experience the many aspects of the community we are in. Whether you are into music, performance, socialising, games, theatre – for one day it will be all under one roof. Want to be where all the women will be? Well for once that will be easy! For one day only (hopefully more in the future!) we will get our community space.

What is The Rainbow Society?

working to support the cis, trans and non-binary community to create and maintain safe spaces

The Rainbow Society is a membership scheme of cis & trans LBQ women and non-binary people who have a close connection or involvement within the cis & trans LBQ community who are committed to a stronger, safer, diverse and friendly community.