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The Red Room

Red RoomLocation: 1st Floor

Accessibility: accessible via a staircase

Capacity: 150

Age: 16+

For more details about all those involved, and groups meeting at the venue on the day, please see the Who’s Involved page. This page contains information as well as social and website links.

Red Room Timetable

Market Place1pm-5pm Market Place with information stalls and LBQ-owned businesses

A mixture of LBQ-owned businesses, community groups and LGBT charities.  Find out more about the stalls on the Who’s Involved page.

GFW Clothing with their fabulous shirts | KENRIC Social Group | Equality Wealth | African Rainbow Family | Peccadillo Pictures lesbian DVDs | The Outside Project | Speed Health & Well Being Coaching

Free entry


5pm-6pm self-defence

Sifu Jai has more than 17 years of teaching self defence experience and now teaching the LGBT martial art classes in Central London. Come along and try it out for yourself. It never hurts to be able to protect yourself!

Laughter Yoga6pm-7pm Laughter Yoga

Do you want to see more smiles when you look in the mirror? Do you need more joy in your life? Do you know how highly contagious laughter is or how powerful for lifting our mood? Do you want to feel relaxed, revitalised energised, rejuvenated, happy and connected with others?

Join us at a laughter playshop and feel the real power of laughter! Enjoy our contagious laughter. Be more present in your life. Connect with people who want to laugh with you. Be more relaxed with this spontaneous and positive group.

Rachel Sparks Dance8pm-8.45pm Gender Neutral Ballroom Dance Lesson from Rachel Sparks Dance

Rachel teaches LGBTQ+ people Latin and Ballroom partner dancing – making the dance floor safe and accessible for all abilities and gender and sexual diversities. No matter whether you are a novice or not, come along and experience Rachel’s Dance event.

Strictly Queer Dancing9pm-9.45pm ballroom dancing

At Strictly Queer Dancing we aim to make social partner dancing free from gender roles, inclusive of all people, embracing of the ‘two-left footed’ and encouraging to all levels of dancer…ultimately to have fun!

Dancing the Queer way.
Dance with your partner
Dance with your friend
Dance with your lover
Dance with yourself
Dance with a stranger
Dance the lead
Dance the follower
Dance both

Dance for the love of it, whatever your style we will be having a ball to celebrate all partner dances. DJ and MC will guide you through playing music for Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing, Charleston, Line Dancing, Sequence dancing, Queer Tango and more…

10pm-2am club room with DJs


£6 early bird, £8 standard, £10 late (gets you into all 4 club rooms)

The full timetable and details of who will be hosting each activity will be released in late January/early February.

Find out more about all those involved and more on the Who’s Involved page.