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As various people become involved, we will add their logos and descriptions here along with links to where you can find out more about them, so if you haven’t heard about them you can find out more. Keep checking back regularly, or monitor social media using the hashtag #IWDextravaganza and #RainbowSociety

This event is designed to create a collaborative and diverse space. It is an opportunity to either see people you already know and love; and/or to experience new people and activities that you may not have previously known existed.

If you’re someone who wants to get involved in showcasing your talent, group or business; please get in touch via the application form as soon as possible.

All activities will be announced throughout January and February and this page will be updated regularly.


Planet Nation logoPlanet Nation – Planet Nation is a listings and lifestyle website by the community for the community. It launched in 2016 following 5 successful years of running Planet London. As well as an events calendar to promote the events taking place in the community, there is also a variety of articles on various subjects including books, theatre, music and general lifestyle and opinion articles.

Planet Nation works hard to give visibility and a platform to those in our community keeping it going, and often overlooked. It is proud to collaborate and contribute on a regular basis and is always open to new suggestions of ways to further enhance our community.



Elaine McKenzie, The Glass BarElaine McKenzie, The Glass Bar – The Glass Bar was founded in 1995 as home to a diverse, vibrant, exciting, powerful, beautiful community of  women. The Glass Bar is continuing its role as an Arts & Social Club for the London women’s LBTQH community – i.e. lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer and heterosexual women. From sisterhood, girl power, yummy mummies, lipstick lesbians, feminists, career women to home providers, carers, across cultures, class, creed, colour, religion, trans-gender and sexuality, existing to give a colourful, social mix that illuminates and enhances life experiences, through interaction, networking, discussions, debates, and a variety of entertainment in London.


SaskiSaski – Saski is a professional Singer, Host and all round Party Starter and has been performing for over 10 years. Throughout the year she can be found on Pride stages up and down the country.


Sade – Sade Giliberti is an Afro European Award Winning TV Presenter, Actress and Event MC. With over 26 years of experience in the industry, Sade is a seasoned professional, having started her presenting career at the age of 7. By the age of 14 she was already MCing children’s pageants and later grew to be a well sort after MC for various events; from pageants, to Gala Dinners, Charity Luncheons, to Corporate Events, Music Festivals and Sporting Festivals. Sade is open about her battle with depression and was an ambassador for the South African Anxiety and Depression Group – and continues to work with them even from abroad. Last year she was first to partake in The Real Queers Of London Perspective shorts that are currently on YouTube, speaking openly about her struggles with depression.

sadegiliberti.com • twitter.com/onesadie • instagram.com/onesadie • fb.com/sadegiliberti.tv 

Ingo – Ingo is the brains behind the Woteverworld brand. They offer a wide range of events including Bar Wotever, FMAS, Queer Fayre, Strictly Queer Dancing.

woteverworld.comtwitter.com/BarWot • instagram.com/BarWot 



DJ Jo BunnyDJ Jo Bunny – Resident DJ for Bar Wotever, many Wotever World events and Pout. 11 years experience on the women’s/Queer scene. I play 50’s to current day. My business card says from Streisand to Sex Pistols. Play tunes that you can sing and dance to and classic where you “wow I have not heard this for ages“!

twitter.com/djjobunnyinstagram.com/djjobunny • fb.com/DJ-Jo-Bunny-282149615172656/

DJ LadylawDJ Ladylaw – DJ Ladylaw has been spinning sexy funk, disco, soul, dance & reggae at various bars and clubs around London for the past 15 years. Bars where you can currently find DJ Ladylaw DJing at on a regular basis are: The Star of Bethnal Green, The Glory and The Kenton in Hackney.

instagram.com/ladylaw_77 • fb.com/FeeAndLaw

DJ Misty BDJ Misty B – DJ Misty B is a professional female DJ with over 9 years of experience playing at top clubs, bars and corporate events throughout the UK. She is a versatile, multi-genre DJ confident in playing a range of styles to a great standard and can suit all events. Eclectic, bouncy and sexy music style. DJ Misty B is always ready to get the party started, no room for boredom!

mixcloud.com/djmistyb • twitter.com/djmistyb • instagram.com/djmistyb • fb.com/deejaymistyb

DJ 2 TraxxDJ 2 Traxx – DJ 2 Traxx has been djing since 2012 and has DJ’d at many events across a variety of venues. Events include Urban world (resident DJ at this event and have been playing there for over 2 years), UK Black Pride, Brighton Pride (they have played Brighton Pride for 3 years and are booked to play there this year), Malaga Weekender, Lush, The Gallery (Ministry of Sound) to name a few. They have also held radio shows on Puremusic247, Freekfm and Touchfm and is available for private parties such as birthday parties and weddings. DJ 2 Traxx specialises in house (soulful house, funky house, deep house, tech house) and old skool garage, jungle, drum and bass, afro beats and Grime. However also plays R’n’B, reggae, dancehall, rare grooves.

Soundcloud.com/dj-2-traxx • instagram.com/2_Traxx • fb.com/2traxx


Gender Neutral Ballroom Dance Lesson from Rachel Sparks DanceRachel Sparks Dance – Rachel teaches LGBTQ+ people Latin and Ballroom partner dancing – making the dance floor safe and accessible for all abilities and gender and sexual diversities.

twitter.com/dancewithsparks • instagram.com/rachelsparksdance • fb.com/rachelsparksdancerachelsparksdance.co.uk

Maybe MoreMaybe More Dating – Maybe More is a dating and networking event for single Lesbian friends who love to socialise, make connections, friendships, share experiences, engage, explore, discover and enjoy a community of like minded people.

twitter.com/glassbarelaine • instagram.com/theglassbar • fb.com/TheGlassBarArtsAndSocialClubForWomen

Strictly Queer DancingStrictly Queer Dancing – Strictly Queer Dancing is a London dance event run in collaboration between Rachel Sparks Dance, Ingo from Wotever World and DJ Jo Bunny. Come along and enjoy a traditional dance event with a queer twist!


Wu Tian Martial Art InstituteWu Tian Martial Art Institute – Sifu Jai has more than 17 years of teaching self defence experience and is now teaching the lgbt martial art classes in Central London.

wutianmartialart.comtwitter.com/JaiWutian • instagram.com/Wutian_Martial_Art_London • fb.com/wutianmartialart

Laughter LondonLaughter London – Laughter taken seriously. Ellie has been running laughter sessions since March 2013. She is certified as laughter yoga leader.



Sam Skyborne - AuthorAuthor – Sam Skyborne – Sam Skyborne (pen name of Wollie Boehm) is a storyteller – both a writer and an award winning filmmaker. She has an English degree, a masters in Artificial Intelligence and currently lives and loves in London. Sam has voraciously devoured stories all her life. But like many, she struggled to find books that sparked her imagination through more interesting female lead characters of substance, with whom she could identify.  So she decided to start writing her own. Her first novel, a superhero action adventure, “Simulation: The Dawn of a Superhero” was published in 2016.  In 2017 she published “RISK: Three Crime-fighting Women Risk All for Love Lust and Justice,” which is a sexy detective mystery.  Her third novel, a gripping thriller set in Cape Town, is due out this spring. She has also written and directed a number of short films and a few of these are available as short story & short film sets in the L.E.S (Lesbian Erotic Shorts) Combo Collection.

samskyborne.com • twitter.com/samskyborne • instagram.com/samskyborne • fb.com/samskyborne

Sh! WomenstoreSh! – Sh! is an award-winning, female-run erotic emporium in London. 25 years experience talking intimately to women & couples about sex and pleasure, we share knowledge though ground-breaking erotic classes and tailored advice.

‘Best for Women’ (Time Out) & ‘Most Innovative’ (ETO Awards) #ethical #empowering #independent

sh-womenstore.com • twitter.com/shwomenstore • instagram.com/shwomenstore • fb.com/shwomenstore

ImprovImprovisation – Ellie runs a meetup group called Improvisation and Forum Theatre for Queers and Allies, she has also run Improvisation Sessions for another meetup group called Improvisation Fun.

meetup.com/Improvisation-and-Forum-Theatre-For-Queers-and-Allies • fb.com/Laughter-london-167157160152267

Lesbian Discussion GroupThe Lesbian Discussion Group – The Lesbian Discussion Group have been meeting at Gay’s The Word Bookshop every Wednesday for over 30 years from 8pm. Each week a theme is set and the women in attendance discuss the theme, sharing information, brainstorming and learning.

www.lesbiandiscussiongroup.com • fb.com/ldglondon • twitter.com/LDGlondon

Cabaret Performers

Annabelszki - Professional Breakup ArtistAnnabelszki  – Annabelszki presents an authentic narrative, exploring the contemporary minefield of lesbian love, lust, dating and break ups. An energetic and comedic poetic voyage. Annabelski is a Brighton-based performance artist who delivers a fusion of stand up, audience interaction and spoken word. She frequently gigs in both London and Brighton.

bit.ly/Annabelszki • twitter.com/annabelszki • fb.com/annabelszki

LGBT Poet LaureateLGBT Poet Laureate, Trudy Howson – Trudy Howson is the UK inaugural L.G.B.T. Poet Laureate (2016-2019). She writes poetry that illuminates and explores our community’s diverse landscape; celebrates internationally recognized L.G.B.T. days; responds to events that impact on our community; champions our rights and needs; and encourages L.G.B.T. poetry through performance and events. Her work is widely performed and publicized in the UK.

www.lgbtpoetlaureate.org.uktwitter.com/lgbtpoetlaureat • instagram.com/lgbtpoetlaureate • fb.com/lgbtpoetlaureate

Benjamin ButchBenjamin Butch – Benjamin Butch is a flamboyant drag artist who enjoys challenging the construction of masculinity and femininity. You never quite know what to expect when they take to the stage, other than the fact that they are guaranteed to show a bit of skin! Benjamin holds the title of King of the Fringe winner 2016 and is a resident performer at Bar Wotever at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. With the hopes of becoming a phenomenon of a superstar like his idol Mick Jagger, Benjamin seems to always undoubtedly get himself into situations that may be deemed more ‘Mr. Bean’ than ‘Mr. Jagger’… But he is still sexy.

twitter.com/Butchbenjamin • instagram.com/benjaminbutch • fb.com/dragkingBenjaminbutch

Sophia BlackwellSophia Blackwell – Sophia Blackwell is a performance poet, author and host. Her first collection of poetry, Into Temptation, was published in 2009 and her most recent collection, The Fire Eater’s Lover, was published in May 2016 by Burning Eye Books. She is also the author of one novel, After My Own Heart (2012) and her poetry has been anthologised by Bloodaxe, Nine Arches, and The Emma Press. She hosts Below Stairs, the monthly literary salon at Blacks Club, Soho.

sophiablackwell.comtwitter.com/sophiablackwell • fb.com/sophiablackwellpoetry

Helen OakleighHelen Oakleigh – Helen Oakleigh is an award winning actor, writer and performance poet. She works in theatre, screen and audio around the UK and the world.

helenoakleigh.org • twitter.com/helen_oakleigh • instagram.com/helenoakleigh • fb.com/helenoakleigh

Tasmine AireyTasmine Airey – Training in industry since the age of four, in recent years Tasmine has earned lead roles in productions at the Arcola, the Barbican, Rich Mix, and Latitude Festival whilst continuing to work in a range of independent short films from up-and-coming directors. Tasmine is currently preparing for a lead role in a feature film as well as exploring her own style of work in the field of political burlesque . Her recent credits include work with the Arcola Queer Collective and directing and producing Nothing Like The Sun, a feminist theatre piece created and directed by Tasmine to tour fringe venues.

tasmineairey.comtwitter.com/tasmineairey • instagram.com/tasmineairey • fb.com/tasmine.airey

Adam All – Adam All has been performing as a Drag King for 9 years and has been instrumental in the growth of the Drag King scene in the UK. Adam was recently referred to as the ‘Godfather’ of the Drag King scene in the UK’ and one of the ‘game changers of the London Drag Scene’ in TimeOut Magazine. Adam recently featured on ‘This Morning’ for ITV, BBC Newsbeat, London Live and Sky and ITV News. Adam All is the founder and host of popular Drag King cabaret night BOiBOX and BOiBOX East alongside his long suffering, first ever girlfriend and Alpha Femme Miss Apple Derriéres. Adam performs nationally and is a huge advocate of the emerging, engaging and empowering Drag King scene. He can charm and alarm with equal appeal, bringing live vocals and cartoon realness to his dashing geek-chic cabaret.

adamall.co.uk • twitter.com/adamall_drag • instagram.com/adamall_drag • fb.com/kingadamall

Apple DerrieresApple Derrieres – Apple Derrieres is the hostess/princess of BOiBOX. Apple is the long suffering, first ever girlfriend and Alpha Femme to Adam All.



Bar Wotever – Queer Tuesdays at RVT. Weekly Showcase of Amazing Acts & Performers.

Open mic spots and a very Welcoming Attitude

woteverworld.comtwitter.com/BarWot • instagram.com/BarWot 


Musician N'ChyxN’Chyx – N’Chyx (pronounced En-Chikes) is a recording artist, performer, model, urban fashion designer, songwriter and lyricist from Wolverhampton City in the UK. N’Chyx has a style, a passion and a vibe that is totally unique. N’Chyx is original and refreshingly diverse, and has already being tipped as one of the urban acts in the UK who has the crossover potential to do massive things.


DryadicDryadic – Dryadic’s luscious, emotive pop hooks and candid, heartfelt lyrics traverse an acoustic spectrum with Eastern European influence at one end, and British trad-folk at the other. Zora and Jo deftly deploy double guitar, fiddle, dreamy vocals and percussive toys to bring their musings on the human condition to life, creating a captivating, magical sound that promises to ensnare the most diverse of audiences.

twitter.com/dryadic_music • instagram.com/dryadic_music • fb.com/Dryadic.Music

Chloe AkamChloe Akam – Chloe has performed at World Pride, Buckinham Palace, BV’s for Heather Small, understudied Wendi Peters – Corronation Street in ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’ West End  and was a judge on BBC1’s All Together Now.

chloeakam.comtwitter.com/ChloeBAkam • instagram.com/chloe_akam • youtube.com/watch?v=vQoKT0kggvM

Mo’s Not Just Jazz BandMichele Osten – Mo’s Not Just Jazz Band is always looking for new and exciting places to perform. Covering a vast repertoire, everything from jazz standards to contemporary to original tunes, petformed with a jazzy/bluesey twist!


Hannah Brackenbury – Hannah Brackenbury is a comedy songwriter based in Brighton. She writes original comedy songs and clever song parodies, and reached the finals of the Musical Comedy Awards in 2016.


Theatre & Performance Space

The Not So LoveliesThe Not So Lovelies – The Not So Lovelies are a Lesbian Drama Group formed in 2014. The original group members have performed together for over 10 years as part of the Drill Hall Darlings.


Theatre: Gold StarGold Star – Written by Roisin Moriarty, Directed by Will Maynard, Performed by Roseanna Frascona and Beth Eyre, Produced by Full Disclosure Theatre.

To some, squishy bits are irrelevant. To others, they’re all that matter. A primary school teacher gives her date a lighthearted lesson in acceptance.

BOiBOX – BOiBOX was founded in 2013 at the legendary Candy Bar in Soho by Adam All and Apple Derrieres, it’s prime directive being to encourage other Drag Kings to perform, to create a safe, inclusive and welcoming space; a dedicated night for Drag Kings, to explore gender in themselves and in society and be free to express themselves and have their voices heard. BOiBOX now runs two events a month, the last Thursday of the month at SHE Soho, and the second Thursday of the month at The Glory and has been featured by BBC Newsbeat, Sky News, ITV News, Getty Images, Diva Magazine, The Guardian, London Live, ‘This Morning’ on ITV, TimeOut and Sky One to name a few.

adamall.co.uk • twitter.com/boiboxsoho • instagram.com/boi_box • fb.com/boibox

Sammy Silver – Drag King Sammy Silver: Serving Sass, Sex & Surrealness. Travelling Show Boy. Comedy Vlogger. FTM Bear Cub.



Market Stalls

KenricKenric – Kenric is social organisation run by and for lesbians, which started in 1965 and is probably the longest-running lesbian social organisation in the world. Kenric creates a vibrant, supportive community for lesbians by providing a mix of enriching and enjoyable social events.

kenriclesbians.org.uk • twitter.com/KenricUK • instagram.com/kenriclesbiansocialgroup • fb.com/kenricsocialgroup

Educate & CelebrateEducate & Celebrate – Experienced teachers who transform schools and organisations into LGBT+Friendly places.

educateandcelebrate.org • twitter.com/educatecelebrate • instagram.com/educate_and_celebrate  fb.com/educateandcelebrate

GFW Clothing – Shirts made for different body shapes. Trading on-line since February 2015 and from a shop in Hove.

genderfreeworld.comtwitter.com/genderfreeworld • fb.com/genderfreeworld

Equality Wealth – Equality Wealth is the first international specialist to provide access to tailored solutions for the LGBT community. Recognising that many members of the LGBT community may not have financial advisers who truly understand their needs, we ensure that we work only with wealth professionals specifically trained in LGBT-related issues. The LGBT lifecycle can be quite different; issues like succession planning or saving for retirement may often be overlooked and, with a generally higher disposable income, there is real need for quality advice that really helps LGBT individuals achieve their financial goals and aspirations. We also understand that, only through creating a safe and confidential environment can client and adviser build a positive rapport based on mutual trust and respect.

equality-wealth.com • twitter.com/equalitywealth • facebook.com/equalitywealth

The Naked Artist – Suzie Pindar will be selling prints of her artwork.

Door Staff

Community Groups


Kenric – Kenric is social organisation run by and for lesbians, which started in 1965 and is probably the longest-running lesbian social organisation in the world. Kenric creates a vibrant, supportive community for lesbians by providing a mix of enriching and enjoyable social events.

kenriclesbians.org.uk • twitter.com/KenricUK • instagram.com/kenriclesbiansocialgroup • fb.com/kenricsocialgroup

Meet Up Groups

To be announced


Full Disclosure Theatre

Full Disclosure Theatre – FDT are a theatre company committed to exploring LGBTQ+ narratives. Passionate about discovering unheard voices within the community, they lay themselves bare and are always transparent in the way they work. FDT make theatre to entertain and arouse discussion for all those associated with queer life and beyond.

fulldisclosuretheatre.co.uktwitter.comFullDisclosureT • fb.com/FullDisclosureT

The following are unable to attend on the day, but are still supporting the event with promotion:

Poetry LGBTPoetry LGBT – Poetry LGBT welcomes the LGBTIQ+ community to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences through poetry & performance.  1st Sunday of every month at Tipsy Bar, Dalston & the 3rd Sunday of every month at the Albany Theatre, Deptford.

twitter.com/PoetryLGBT • fb.com/PoetryLGBT