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IWD Timetable

The Full timetable is out!

For one day, come along to our community space. A showcase of the talent and diversity of our community. Access from free – build your perfect day. Try something new, find out what our community in London has to offer, perhaps even meet new people outside of your current social circles. This event is designed to bring us all together under one roof. While you are there, why not give feedback on what such a space could offer to the community if it was permanently available?

Find out more about all the activities here:

Red Activity Room • Orange Entertainment Room • Yellow Social Room • Green Workshop Room • Blue Bar • Purple Theatre • Club Rooms

To see a list of all those involved from our community, including groups who are supporting the event and promoting it, take a look at the Who’s Involved page.

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The earlier you sign up – the less you pay! We reward you for your early commitment to this fabulous extravaganza!